About Hogtown Dogtown

We are all dog owners and lovers at Hogtown Dogtown and enjoy the company of dogs. Dog ownership is not only mentally healthy for humans, but, also physically as our furry friends require long walks in order to do their "business" and so that, they, themselves can stay healthy.

Not only do we walk dogs but those that love to fetch sticks, balls or other toys we play with on group walks in a secure offleash area.

Typically your dog will be out for close to three hours on group walks, one full hour in the offleash park and the rest of the time riding around in the car. We have two adult humans in the car, one returning the dogs the other keeping them company in the car.

We have been in business for over 8 years now, although the owner has been walking neighborhood dogs for approximately 20 years now on a part time basis. References are available if you require them.

Diet is a key component of your dogs health, however, exercise is equally important. Is your best buddy over weight, does he/she need a mid-day bathroom break? Why not call us today and find out more about our services and walkers.


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