Hogtown Dogtown Photo Album

John and Peanut, Dog Walker John Peat, Downtown.

John is the owner of Hogtown Dogtown and has been walking dogs for twelve plus years now. Three years ago he acquired two Chihuahua Puppies from North Florida which is why you will see several pictures of Peanut and Wall E on our webpages, in fact Peanut is part of our logo. In the photo above you can see how small peanut was at 4 months of age, she slept on John's shoulder all the way back from Florida. Peanut has topped out at 5lbs and Wall E at 10lbs.
Abraham Vanegas, Dog Walker Abraham Vanegas, Downtown.

     Here is Abraham with Peanut and Wall E in the backyard during their first snow fall, not Abraham's first snow fall but the puppies first snow fall. Abraham has always owned Chihuahua's (o.k. a cliché, Abraham is originally from Leon, Mexico) and is the one that talked John into getting Peanut and Wall E. Abraham has been with us for 3.5 years now and very familiar with the downtown core and Cherry Beach areas.
Jurgen Wiechmann, Dog Walker Jurgen Wiechmann, Downtown.
     Jurgen is actually Bogarts second best buddy next to Bogart's mom Linda. Jurgen primarily walks our clients dogs from the St. Lawrence neighborhood. Jurgen is a sound technician by trade and has worked for many years on Holland America Cruise Lines, he  joined our team as he found he was missing Bogart and family when shipping out.
Alfredo Cedillo Alfredo Cedillo, Downtown.

     Alfredo is a dog lover, he is the owner of two dogs himself. Alfredo not only walks dogs because of his love for the animals but he likes to stay in top shape himself so he loves the exercise himself.

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