Hogtown Dogtown Boarding

    Pet owners can go to work, have a holiday, visit friends, take short breaks, have a pet day off, knowing that their pet will be exercised, played with, fed and watered in a comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my dog stay?

    We will match your dogs personality with other dogs and he or she will stay at one of employee’s homes. Here, he or she will be walked for a minimum of an hour at time, twice daily with several mini-walks as needed. You pet will be on vacation while you are on vacation with a couple of playmates throughout his/her stay.

How will my dog get to the boarding facility?

    Hogtown Dogtown provides a free pick-up and delivery service.

What will my dog eat?

    Since most dogs are often kept on a regular diet, we require that you provide the food. Varying the diet could result in problems in with the digestive tract. If there are any toys or special bedding to help make your pet more comfortable while on vacation send it along.

What do I do if I want to book?

    Simply drop us an e-mail or call us to set up your free consultation or if you have further questions about our services. We will meet you and your pet, this takes approximately 30 minutes. We will then leave you with some forms to fill out asking various questions such as; your dogs fears, past problems, age, health problems, allergies, and a variety of other questions. We will also provide forms for special requests that you ask of us and our walkers. This will allow us to provide the highest level of care in your absence.


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