Hogtown Dogtown Testimonials

Thanks! We love the little things you do for Bruce and us. :)

~ Terrance Joyce ~

I love the lila updates John! Thank you for taking her out this week.

~ Talia Greenberg ~
Kitty (an 85lb Female Doberman) was a handful, rambunctious from the start! Thank you Hogtown Dogtown for helping to bring her up to be a great adult dog!

~ H. Pressley ~

    Thank you for all the time that you have spent with Bogart. He had gained so much weight after the children were born, he loves being off leash and his weight is way down.

~ L. Epp ~

    Ruby loves her visits, but could you not wear her out so much. We are beginning to think she is a cat she sleeps so much at night!

~ M. Brookes ~

    What a relief knowing we can always rely on you to come to the house while we are away and feed and water the cats. They seem so much more happier when we get home now.

~ D. Fleming ~

    We get a real kick out of how Geeve always tries to get into the car when you pull up or try to leave. It's hilarious how smart she is, flipping the door handle up and opening the door when you are around.

~ G. Stevenson ~


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