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Where is my dog going to be walked?

    Our head office is located in the St. Lawrence Neighborhood next to the Distillery District downtown Toronto. Our territory is growing as our staff grows, our area covers all of Downtown Toronto from Yonge Street east to the Woodbine and north to Bloor/Danforth Streets.

    We walk our clients dogs, on leash, in their own neighborhoods and parks close to their home on bad weather days. More often than not we will take them to Cherry Beach or Coronation Park. Ultimately, the decision is up to you the client and depending on the dogs training, we will take them to a fenced in, off-leash park, but only with your permission.

Why does my dog need a walker?

    Dogs are pack animals by nature and need the company of other dogs or humans to stay healthy, socialized and content. Investigative behavior is the most prominent type of behavior seen in the dog. Regular daytime activity provides mental stimulation through territorial investigation, socialization and play. Along with the emotional benefits, there are physical benefits directly related to the better health of your dog. A couple of long walks (better yet off leash walks) are the best way to exercise your dog who may otherwise spend most of his or her day sleeping. Older dogs require exercise on a regular basis in order to stay healthy, fit and young.

    Being such social animals, it is in their nature to investigate other dogs. They should be encouraged from a young age to appropriately greet and interact with other dogs and people during walks. We discourage the rushing toward other dogs while on leash or off leash, a slow approach is most appropriate. These positive experiences help the dog behave appropriately when greeting visitors to your home, or when the dog is with you anywhere else. If a dog doesn’t have the opportunity to socialize, it won’t interact appropriately with people or other dogs. For instance a neighbor of mine in Florida has two dogs whom attack any dog that comes on their property (well they attack any animal, snack or reptile and kill it), this is because they are not only protecting their territory but the two dogs themselves constitutes a pack and they have full run of their 3 acres with few visitors.

    Attention seeking behavior is also prominently developed and prolonged from early infancy. This behavior seems necessary for puppies and is certainly indulged in among adult dogs and between dogs and their human companions. It is through this pattern of behavior that you are able to establish a close bond of relationship with the dog, which is ideal in a relationship with your dog.

    Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise is one of the best ways to prevent behaviour and a variety of health problems. At a minimum two walks a day help prevent destructive behaviour and separation anxiety, for instance. Why not have us take your best friend for his/her mid-day walk while you are busy at work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

    We provide both group and individual dog walks (where necessary). Your best friend will be picked up from your home and dropped off, happy and quite possibly exhausted. We will pick up your dog at your place, provide fresh water and food if necessary, and bring him/her for a walk/run in a park or beach setting.

    We also have do full day daycare, the dogs have free run of the house and the backyard when we aren't out on walks. During the colder months of the year smaller dogs tend not to want to go on long walks, rather they do their business and "drag" you back home to the heat. Therefore, our daycare takes the little guys/gals out frequently for short walks throughout the day.

How many times will you walk my dog?

    The number of times we walk your dog is totally up to you. We do request that the walks are consistent in order to provide cohesion of any one group. We recommend that your dog be walked three or more times a week. When the dogs become accustomed to a regular group, they are happier, better adjusted and more responsive.

How long does a group walk last?

    The standard walk for groups is a minimum of one hour plus pick up time to drop off times. Individual walks are based on an agreement between you and our company, rates will vary according to the agreement.

Will my dog be walked with others like him or her?

    Yes. A complete assessment is done before any dog joins a group. We verify that all the dogs in each group get along with each other and our smaller dogs are not mixed with extremely muscular and super playful dogs. We observe the individual temperament, aggressiveness and general activity closely as we don’t want any bullying or injuries. No aggressive dogs are taken on group walks.

What would stop my dog from being included in a group.

    If your dog is extremely aggressive, is a biter or has contagious health problems he or she will have to be walked individually. Age is not factor, as we can group the older slower dogs together so as not to over exercise them. All dogs being walked in a group must be up-to-date with their vaccinations. The Charge for individual walks is slightly higher, however, we can attempt to gradually introduce your dog to a group if he or she shows signs of adapting over time.

What do I do if I want to start?

    Simply drop us an e-mail or call us to set up your free consultation or if you have further questions about our services. Here will meet you and your pet, this takes approximately 30 minutes. We will then leave you with some forms to fill out asking various questions such as; your dogs fears, past problems, age, health problems, allergies, your dogs favorite games, proper commands that you use and a variety of other questions. We will also provide forms for special requests that you ask of us and our walkers. This will allow us to provide the highest level of care in your absence.


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